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Tuesday and Thursday
Progress with regress!

On the same night that millions of Americans overcame their prejudices and cast their ballots to elect Barack Obama as the first African-American President in U.S. history, voters in California, Arizona and Florida approved ballot measures to deny same-sex couples the right to marry under their state constitutions. Arkansas denied unwed couples, gay or straight, the right to adopt or to be foster parents — although straight single people can still adopt; maybe even gay single people? Who the hell knows? It's stupid any which way you look at it.

I think there is some measure of hope in the election results, at least looking at California. Younger voters, regardless of education, income or ethnicity, opposed Prop 8. This suggests it will take a generation to undo the damage done to the issue of same-sex marriage. At least there is that hope.

But it still pisses me off. I'm a straight married man. I cannot imagine what it would be like for my fellow citizens to legally nullify my marriage at the polls, yet I know it would hurt. I cannot imagine either what it would be like for my fellow citizens to nullify my adoption of my daughter, but I know that would hurt, too. I want my fellow hets who oppose same-sex marriage and gay parent adoptions to try this simple mental experiment: put yourself in the shoes of someone not like you. Imagine how they feel, how you would feel losing your status as a married person or as a parent, because other people just don't understand you, don't make the effort, and fall prey to irrational fears about you.

Or, you know, grow up. Get your head out of your ass. For crying out loud.

Meanwhile - I posted some more sketches based on my watching election coverage on CNN Tuesday night. Enjoy! 

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