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Tuesday and Thursday
Here comes the Anti-Christ!
This cartoon was inspired in part by a Newsweek article asking in the headline: "Is Obama the Antichrist?" (link courtesy of Matt Bors), plus random chatter on the subject I heard on CNN.

The signs that a small but hysterically loud contingent of Christian Fundamentalists believe portend the ascendancy of Barack Obama to the throne of Anti-Christ are not the ones listed by the desert prophet I depict here. Much of the fear arises from the "messianic" persona the corporate news media have laid on Obama; his obscure origins and rapid rise to power; and let's not forget all those "one world" institutions that Obama and Biden apparently favor: one world government, one world currency, one world religion, etc.

For a scriptural application of the New Testament Book on the Revelation to Obama's election, you can't do much better than Plenty of current news items, FOXNews videos and more 2.0-pian goodies. Or maybe you prefer crappy web design, then by all means check out

Or perhaps you just need a dose of reality. Then try snopes!

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