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Tuesday and Thursday
They are coming to get you.

Are you down with Snuggies?

Holy crap. WTF. ZOMG. ONOZ. Etc.

I don't mean to throw ads in your face. But this ad, like so many that run late at night on basic cable TV, is special. I admit, the Snuggie looks comfortable. I have blankets and sweaters; I don't need them genetically spliced to create this hybrid monster.

Yet the rise of Snuggies is also a sign of our failing economy. As The Consumerist reports, falling ad rates have allowed infomercials to creep into prime time viewing. Unless you eschew television altogether (and I know a few of my readers do; I envy your resilience, but I am weak), you have probably found this commercial squeezed between more respectable ads for SUVs and erectile dysfunction medication. As a result the Snuggie is a hot seller.

Less depressingly - indeed, entertainingly - higher levels of exposure lead to higher incidents of parody and satire, to which the above cartoon is but a humble contribution. Personally I like Chewbacca and His Wookie Family Wear Snuggies. Cuz, hey — Chewbacca!

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