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Cuz they rock!

Okay, a more substantial answer: Subscribing to this site ensures that the main feature, Sheldon the Pig continues thanks to your encouragement and financial support. But as an added bonus, you get access to special features like sketchbook entries, small stories featuring Sheldon characters that won't appear in the regular free update pages, and stories wholly unrelated to Sheldon.

So, What's the Charge?

It's cheap. For only one dollar a month?that $1.00 U.S.?you get access to the features mentioned above. How cool is that? One buck!
Get an annual subscription for only $10.00 a year! That's twelve months for the price of ten!

Dude! Why so Cheap?

Because ultimately this is a labor of love. I don't expect to make a living off of this fine stuff. But I do it because cartooning is like breathing for me, because I can't not do it, and because I feel Sheldon and other characters I am impelled to create are worth adding to the culture of comics, literature and art.

How hifalutin! But then, why settle for anything less?

Okay, so what else is there?

Right now plans are vague, but I have ideas about animation, puzzles, games, as well as RSS and other subscriber notification features that will make it easier for you to get involved or stay updated on new developments. AND merchandise. T-shirts, coffee cups, that sort of thing. If there are enough subscribers, perhaps contests to give out some of that shwag for free!

So sign on up. At the least you'll be supporting the ongoing creation of really cool comics. At the most you might impress your friends and neighbors by sporting a specially designed Kevin Moore original t-shirt, drinking from a Sheldon coffee cup and announcing to the world, "I've been branded by art, man!"

Okay. Maybe not so much. Suffice to say, your patronage will be most appreciated.


Kevin Moore

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Your credit card will be billed once a month, and you can cancel if you realize you're not using the site, or if you'd rather spend your money on something else. So there's no risk at all!
Your credit card will be billed once a year, and you can cancel if you realize you're not using the site, or if you'd rather spend your money on something else. So there's still no risk at all!
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Kevin Moore is the creator of Wanderlost, formerly known as Sheldon the Pig. A veteran of zines, underground comics and political cartoons, Kevin has been doing webcomics since 1999. He is also a librarian. ... full profile

All of Kevin Moore's work can be viewed at mooretoons.com