Danger S. Guy - Super Spy

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Danger S. Guy - Super Spy
An average American joe with average, everyday issues working in a typical government building UNTIL called upon when the nation, yea the world needs saving!! ... more
Miss Nickelsworth
Secretary to the Chief and invaluable assistant to our hero, her computer skills and good sense are second to none. She is always willing to give her two cents (plus three) on any subject for Agent Guy's benefit. ... more
The Chief
A former super spy agent, now a high official within the U.S. Homeland Security Department in charge of spies. He retains his mysterious persona while conducting business in a professional, if not patient manner. ... more
Professor Plomb
This self-proclaimed "brilliant" mind is the head of the Homeland Security Research and Development Laboratory which comes up with all the cool super-spy gadgets. ... more
Otto Maddock
First Mechanic and Assistant to Prof. Plomb in the Research and Development Lab and the closest thing Agent Guy has to an actual friend. ... more
British Agent Trevor Bentley
Suave, sophisticated and classy super spy agent is everything Agent Guy is not, and this bugs Danger to no end... ... more
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