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I'm a child at heart, I'm still in college and that's all you need to know.

Born in:
Abington, PA 

Lawrence, KS

Artistic Influences:
Roald Dahl, Douglas Adams, Monty Python, Charles Schulz, Bill Watterson, Kiyohiko Azuma, Hayao Miyazaki, Chuck Jones, John K. and some others that escape me at the moment

Weapons of Mass Distraction:
.8mm mechanical pencil, Photoshop

Other Fun Things:
British comedies, cryptic crosswords, Goldfish crackers, the original Star Wars trilogy, TV Land, BBC America, Adult Swim, Borders, Cherry Coke Zero, classic rock and any type of music except for country, gangsta rap and most top-40

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Homemade Anime Wallpapers: