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West Portal


Wow, second installment.  Super fun times.  I have actually uploaded (already, as of the 16th) all the updates up until May.  (No, seriously.  10 weeks of downloads.)  Which means, I've been pumping out comics like crazy, because I began drawing/writing this comic since 3-13-09.  And I've already got 10 done. Which means I have crazy carpal tunnel on top of doing my drawings for drawing class.  Which means the later drawings have gotten, if possibly, progressively more cartoony.  I mean, I'm still happy with them, I just wish my scanner was a bit stronger so you could see the drawings better, but whatever.  Also, I'm working on getting a tablet/photoshop, so this comic, as soon as that happens, will go to being digital.  YAY.  

email: kj.shreve@gmail.com

blog: www.livejournal.com/weirdwings

Hope you enjoy! 

I need help  making this website prettier.  If anybody has any experience with all that stuff, drop me a line.  My email is kj.shreve@gmail.com.  
I actually, first, had this scripted with actual dialogue, because I'm honestly a wordy person.  BUT, this is probably how I would actually react.  This would be even cooler with sound effects like bum Bum BUUUUUMMMM!
YAY fainting!  Something I do very well.  As well as my sister!
I know it's summer and I'm out of school, but due to work, I'm going to keep this (for now) at one update a week.  I'm really ahead of the updates, but I'm not going to burn myself out.  I actually uploaded this image in April.  Gotta say, lovin' Webcomics Nation.  It makes uploading quick, easy and relatively painless.  The next comic is going to be my first fully digitally drawn one, but I didn't have illustrator at the time so the lines are a bit funky.  
Okay, I lied.  New style.  But now I'm going to try a conglomerate of the two.
Just testing out a new style, and there are some bits about this that I like.  Mostly the fill.  The whole coloring thing wasn't working, so I did the fill tool thing, so I'll be working with this for a while now.  Plus I have got mondo writers block thanks to the end of school.  Yes, I uploaded this in about May, so I'm staring down finals.  Fun times.
The next few comics will be me, partially, trying out new styles, to see if I can get the hand drawn thing going with the first few. This one...didn't do what I wanted it to, so I'll try something else.
Communing with Ghosts...
SO much better.  Well, for me anyway.  I think I'll stick with this way for a while.
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