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Felix (Marcus Antonius Felix)
Ex-legionary soldier suffering from prolonged unemployment. Claims to be descended from a freed slave in the household of Marcus Antonius (the famous one). ... more
Felix's former babysitting charge, now grown up and putting himself in charge of Felix's career. ... more
Petronia Iusta
Teenage daughter of Felix's new landlord, Petronius Stephanus. Tired of being treated like a child. For some reason thinks getting married will solve this. ... more
Petronia Vitalis
Ambitious. Buys real estate with an eye on location, location, location. A good view of Mount Vesuvius always gets the highest rent. ... more
Overworked kitchen servant ... more
Domitian will tell you he was raised in Nero's court and took lessons from the finest philosophers, poets, and astrologers. He'll tell you a lot of things. He wants you to be his friend. For a while, anyway. ... more
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