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I haven't drawn the extreme overhead angle in the fourth panel very often, so it's a bit of a fight to get it right. The second half of this comic will follow later tonight. Probably maybe. Unless I keep drawing the fourth panel from different angles.
For all the research I did on sorting modern from ancient, mediaeval from antiquity, and very ancient antiquity from Roman Italy, very little of the marriage ceremony actually ended up in this comic :) When Iusta was bewildered by Ati Nacna's Etruscan, it was depicted in the Etruscan alphabet. Unfortunately, I've never been to Hebrew School (or Etruscan School)....

I found various information about the use—or the non-use—of a chuppah (canopy) in the ceremony. It does look peculiar without it, but that will be easy to add in if further research gives different info.

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