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Mostly daily
Pretend that flowerpot in the previous comic wasn't there. I was thinking of the other side of the building.

Not how I saw this drawing in my head, but I promised myself I wouldn't spend days and days drawing and redrawing. First, I'll get the story told :)
Somehow, it gets sloppier the longer it takes to finish one of these. Maybe working on it in bits and scraps just doesn't give the best result.
Not quite finished, but I am out of steam :)
Today is the 1930th anniversary of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Some scholars have disputed the date, placing the eruption in September instead. In support of September: jars of new autumn wine, people wearing heavier clothing, and a coin that sort of looks like it was minted that month. In support of August: an eyewitness account with a fairly clear date, and jars of summer fish-pickle sauce.
Labor Day should be the return to Spendusa's part of the story, but for now we have: Felix showing his conservative side (again); more sound effects; an apprehensive tree.
This row featuring landscapes, horsies, sound effects, and shading.

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