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Pat Jones (patjones) says: Love the look of your mixed media!  Compelling story, too.
Gerry Alanguilan (komikero) says: Thanks Pat!
Josel Ray Nicolas (nekid_monkey) says: It's really sad when a pet's in pain. I remember when our family dog died of rat poison. I cried so hard because I never thought she would go so painfully... I feel for you, sir gerry.
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: This is so true. You really capture that moment of waking disorientation so well.
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: This is so powerful... you have recorded a raw and pure hearted slice of life.
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: The suspense is killing me... did you let it grow back or not?
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: Way to bring it home with love. Love never fails.
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: I know the feeling. Actually so does my wife and daughter who also watch the show.
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: A great moment of reflection on our mortality.
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: I appreciate the honesty you consistently express.
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: I don't know anyone that can capture dog expressions with such animated realism the way that you do. It is on par with Charles Schultz here.
allison jane gepilano (ally) says:

i love it!

if only all men think like you do... =/

allison jane gepilano (ally) says:

;-( huhuhu

now, i really miss our dalmatian! i hope he's fine, though...

Kevin Moore (kevinmoore) says: I'm only a couple years behind you: COMMISERATION!
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