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Ardie Verde (ardieverde) says: Ardie Verde is saddened to hear of the loss of your friend.   Our hearts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.  -R.D.
BOBO JONES (ecom) says: Funny strip man!
Borgy Borgonia (mangjacomics) says: I'm sorry to hear about Eugene, Ger :(
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: This is brilliant. Slice of life and superheros all in one!
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: Great moment of our life that we can all relate to... eating. Now I want to try bagoong.
Gerry Alanguilan (komikero) says: I'm sure there'd be some of that in Filipino stores or maybe other Asian stores over there. It's pretty exotic and can be quite potent for those encountering it for the first time. Who knows, you might actually like it. Thanks Joe, for all your comments! :D
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: This should be a song.
Joe Chiappetta (joeychips) says: Perfect mix of illustration and Photoshop tricks.
Linda Gruntorad (jazzy43) says: Gerry and Ilyn:  I'm so sorry for the loss of you sweet dog Eugene.  I know it hurts.  Just want you to know I'm thinking of you two.
Ariel Atienza (kartoonista) says: Alangya! Still it's good to see you smiling again.
Josel Ray Nicolas (nekid_monkey) says: Sir, I think that's what's called sleep paralysis. Disorder caused by alot of things, pero in my case dahil ng awkward position sa bed. Try to sleep straight, I find that helps a lot.
Randy Santa Ana (randysantaana) says: Ger, I agree with Josel.  It does have something to do with the position you were in at that time.  I had the same thing happened to me once, twice.  In my case, I was either laying flat on my back or in an awkward reclining position.  Some nerves in my spinal column or neck may have been pinched because at that moment, I awaken but could not move at all.  Nakaka-panic, to say the least.
Jay Grant (jaybgrant) says: Hey Gerry -- I found you on LiveVideo, and now you've got my hooked on your great series here. :) I think you do great work. I can't wait to see the next one. Thanks for sharing this.
Ariel Atienza (kartoonista) says: I used to have two cellphones but I never used them at the same time. I gave up one years ago when my mom's phone got snatched. You're right, this is totally insane.
Rey Villegas (reyvillegas) says:

My wife had two cellphones. One used locally and one in roaming to receive messages from back home (pinas).

Weird, but even though I'm a cellphone user and always updates mine, I haven't been really into texting much. Nowadays it is likely that I get sms once or twice a day. and that's just maybe my wife asking what time I'm going home.

I guess i'm merely of a "call" guy. and my cellphone now function more of a PDA and mp3 and mp4 movie player rather than with its basic function.

Rey Villegas (reyvillegas) says:

I always get the laughing face whenever I had my REM attack while sleeping. Sometimes it looked like the grim ripper mask from "Scream". And it gets louder as your hair stands out.

Exhausted and weary, not to mentioned flabergasted and frightened are always the aftereffect feeling. 

allison jane gepilano (ally) says:

i feel for you... ='(

allison jane gepilano (ally) says:

=D i had a great laugh at this!

totally kewl!!! \m/ yeah! 

M F (kitkat07) says: I'm sorry about Eugene. the topic just brings back memories of my cat who passed away last year. I share and understand your pain.
M F (kitkat07) says: Hmmm..which reminds me, I have an indian mango in the fridge. Ach, this made crave for mangoes and shrimp paste
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