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Ariel Atienza (kartoonista) says:

We visited his house a couple of years ago, personally wala kong masyadong na-glean from it. You should also try the museum at Fort Santiago (mas maraming relics dun including an old eyeball from his collection[?] and a piece of his vertebrae with a bullet hole which was taken by one of his relatives before the reburial in Luneta). Also, something worth seeing is the actual place where he stood during his execution. You could see a small plaque in the Luneta Park right beside his statue in the small lights and story show (I forgot what it's called).

Something worth pointing at it is the fact that there's no grass growing in the actual place where he stood. I'm not sure if it's a natural phenomenon but it's still a curious sight.

Ed Tadeo (nyekomiks) says: I guess you're still reachable with or without some ways. :)
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