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I'm a comic book writer and artist contributing work in the Philippines and the United States since 1992. I've written and drawn many stories including Wasted, Timawa, Dead Heart Stories, Humanis Rex! and my current series ELMER.

In the US, I've adapted short stories for Graphic Classics including Bram Stoker's "The Judges House" and Rafael Sabatini's "The Plague of Ghosts". I'm also an inker for Marvel, DC and Image, working on books like Superman: Birthright, Batman/Danger Girl, Wolverine, X-Force, New X-Men, Fantastic Four, Darkness, Wetworks, Grifter and many more.

I'm trying to see if I can make a diary online comics series. "Crest Hut Butt Shop" was originally a photocopied mini comic book I began doing in 1997. I've transformed it into an online diary for this site. Although I took the name of my mini comic book, I won't be using any of the old material here. Read my online series here.

Additionally, I will begin serializing my series WASTED on this site as well, beginning July 16. It will run on a daily basis, one page a day, until the series is finished. Read Wasted here.