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Cover to Chapter 1
Wasted began as a photocopied mini comic, serialized into 8 issues.
The first issue had 2 covers, the first was the original one from 1994, and the second
was for a reprint several years later. I wanted to include both covers in the compiled
edition and I thought that it would be a nice idea to put them up on a wall, like posters,
amidst graffitti. 
One of the main characters, Jenny, didn't have a last name in the story. Actually, nor did
Eric, the main character. But on the 2nd cover, I realized I had to give Jenny a last name
so that I could put her name on the envelope. Thankfully, Eric's last name falls off panel
so I don't have to give him a last name. But I think I'm going to have to for the movie. 
Amidst the grafitti is the symbol from V, the TV series, which I think has also become
the symbol for V forf Vendetta. 
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What is WASTED? Click here.
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