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Chapter 2 Page 8
In the seat there's a pamphlet that says "Long Live Louie". This is
a tribute to radio/TV commentator Louie Beltran, who passed away at the time
I was doing this page. I was listening to the radio program that he used to host, and
I heard the news of his death as I drew. 
This kind of shot is a favorite storytelling trick I really like to use. After
a flurry of close up action in the previous pages, to pull back like this
and consider the scene from afar, be it from normal perspective or
a birds eye perspective like this one, allows one to both summarize  and
give a period to a series of events. 
It's something I picked up from movies, and from the work of really great
artists like Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz. 
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What is WASTED? Click here.
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