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Wasted Chapter 6 Page 4
I've been asked if this was ERAP, and I have had to say
that he wasn't, basically because he was the Philippine President
at the time I was asked the question (in an interview), and I really
didn't want to be disappeared so I lied.
So yeah, I did base this character's look on ERAP, who was at the
time was a mayor, like this guy right here. But I didn't base it on Erap's
character, which I really don't know much about. 

Turns out history has made me feel good about it, specially
considering what's in store for this character.
I unconsciously repeat the "FIRING SQUAD" gag in my first strip
for Johnny Balbona, who becomes Philippine President, for all of
5 minutes. 
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What is WASTED? Click here.
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