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Wasted Chapter 7 Page 18
Eric really let Bill have it. But I didn't want Eric killing him.
I had another version of this scene in mind when I started doing
this chapter. I debated a lot with myself as to which scene to use.
The version had Eric letting Bill kick the crap out of him. Bloody and crying.
Eric cries, "Go ahead! Kill me! You already killed me before... just
finish the fucking job!" or something like that. Beaten to a bloody
pulp and helpless on the floor and crying, Eric lets the hostages, including
Jenny, go. But as they file out, Eric gets up, says one last farewell to Jenny,
and walks up to the window, and the waiting sniper. 
I chose to use the other scene instead, the one in the finished comic
book, because Eric had to release his anger on Bill. But I didn't want Eric
to kill him because he knew, even in his crazy mind, that it would make
Jenny infinitely sad. And he really didn't want that. 
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What is WASTED? Click here.
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