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Wasted Chapter 8 Page 8. This is the last page of the story.
This entire chapter's dialogue was based 100% on real letters
I had sent to my then girlfriend during happier times of that
She was living in the US, and I wrote to her at least two times a week.
And for certain letters, I made copies for myself.
When I began doing Wasted, I knew that far ahead that the story
would end this way, using the letters as a kind of voiceover that
Jenny would read when everything was over. 
Doing Wasted was a deeply cathartic experience for me. Creating it
and finishing it literally saved my life because it diverted my destructive
energies to something creative, allowing me to regain my confidence
and my passion for comics.
Thank you for reading, and allowing me to share this story with you.
Gerry Alanguilan
October 2007
1 comment:
ryanrudolf valerio (halaghag) says:

the wasted compilation is the very first thing i bought with my very first paycheck. sobrang saya ko nun, kasi nag-iisang kopya lang yun sa pinagbilhan ko. tapos siguro mga isang milyong beses kong binasa, at pinabasa sa kung sinu-sinong kakilala ko. di ako nagsawa, lalo na pag gusto kong manghambalos ng tao binabasa ko na lang sya.

ngayon yung kaisa-isang kopya kong yun nakatira na sa illinois, binigay ko kasi sya sa pinsan ko.

salamat lord gerry, sinagip mo rin ang buhay ko!!!

mabuhay ka! 

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What is WASTED? Click here.
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