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Michelle Jocasta
A reluctant sphinx. Our hero. ... more
Greg Tragos
A really sweet guy. Might fancy our hero, Michelle. Has a case of Satyrism. ... more
Merial McMinnus
Michelle's outgoing roommate. Kind of a gross blue fish girl. ... more
Jim Finn
International student from Liverpool, England. Kinda weird. ... more
The Momo
An undead local sasquatch. When I was in high school we made a horrible movie about him. ... more
Eustace Swiftrunner and Marshall Cortis
The shopkeeper of the local avalon and his BFF. ... more
The Bloodcarver
A dragon who has it out for Michelle for some reason. ... more
The Grim Brothers
Three demon brothers who have been assigned to capture the Last Sphinx. ... more
A cynical boozing angel. ... more
The Shade of Michael Jocasta
Michelle's dead father. Kind of. ... more
Greg Tragos, Age 15
Greg at 15. Aw he's all clean-shaven and nervous. ... more
Merial at 15
15 Year Old Merial. She hasn't changed a whole lot. ... more
Halloween Michelle
Halloween Michelle. ... more
Halloween Greg
Halloween Greg ... more
Halloween Merial
Halloween Merial ... more
Halloween Jim
Halloween Jim ... more
Myra Reinkemeyer
The One-Eyed Bear ... more
The Nightmare
A Nightmare ... more
Halloween Mike
Halloween Mike ... more
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