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not really though. im from the mountainous central virginia area, charlottesville to be exact.

i like comics, reading them and making them. i also like to play horribly harsh, fast music that few people enjoy. i draw and paint whilst not masturdating in my own feces to obscure vhs tapes of sunny and cher reruns.

contact me on myspace if thats what your into. www.myspace.com/kxi

 i have no formal education. or maybe a little bit. what do you call a community college dropout? i guess youd call them a community college dropout. though i completed high school i am for the most part illiterate, the exception being my amazing ability to read and write.

the two best words to describe me i think would be irate and irational. but not that irational. and not really that irate i guess.

shit jobs are for suckers. and i, sir, am a sucker.

i love you, lets be friends.