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Lauren H ||   

So I've been stressing about how to start my bio. The first thing that comes to mind is the cliche fifth grader auto-biography line, "Hello, my name is Lauren. I was born on June 23, 1991." Or maybe I should make it more beauty pageantesque, "My hobbies include long walks at the beach, sitting down and relaxing to a good novel that only smart people can read..."

Of course, my hobbies actually include drawing comics. More than drawing comics, I love the reaction to these comics. My main goal is to make people smile, and laugh, and possibly brighten up their day. That's the best feeling in the world.

I'm currently sixteen years old, and I might be sixteen years old a year from now if I forget to change my profile. Just do the math from my birthday, you lazy people.

"Hopeless" is my first public comic series, so don't expect anything grand, or consistent. Take away all the technicalities, and then maybe you can enjoy this comic to its fullest.

Much love! 

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