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Karen Bird
Karen, nicknamed "Free" by some of her friends, is the central character of the strip, a former hippie who came to Alaska looking for a fresh start. ... more
Richard Couvier
Physics professor; he and his wife Liz employ Karen as their housekeeper/nanny. ... more
Liz St. John
Richard's wife, stepmother to his two older children and mother to the youngest. She tends to be stuck playing the voice of reason in her oddball family. ... more
Rainbow Moon Couvier
Richard's middle daughter, and the oldest still living at home. ... more
Matt Heldiver
Matt is Richard's neighbor and owns the piece of land where Karen and Ben were living in the abandoned bus. He's a bit of a survivalist type. ... more
Ben Avery
Ben is a slacker and dropout who offered Karen a place to stay when she first moved to Fairbanks. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to get rid of him since. ... more
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I live in Fox, Alaska, and I have far too many webcomics series. ... full profile