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Shelley Fleetwood
Fleetwood is the head of Customs (a position he's acquired by default since everyone with seniority over him either died or quit). He's a hedonist with a rather unique moral compass, but can be quite competent when he wants to be. ... more
Signy 12
Signy is a spy in the Tertian secret service, a "mod-child" whose teenage-looking body hides a bitterly cynical, 80-year-old soul. ... more
Linton 95
Linton is a file clerk whose government attempted to turn him into a soldier and a spy ... without a whole lot of success. ... more
Jackie Lobo
One of Fleetwood's contacts and (sort of) friends, Jackie is the second-in-command to a gun-running outfit that functions as the closest thing Kismet has to law enforcement. ... more
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I live in Fox, Alaska, and I have far too many webcomics series. ... full profile