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Innies and Outties Book 4: In Case of Zombie, Break Glass

Completed Series.

They say your life is never the same once you've had cancer and I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.

This series concentrates a lot on my experiences with cancer - dealing with doctors, relationships, and my own emotional and physical well-being. Some of it is directly dealt with in the story, while some of it is subtext, where you have to read between the lines as to what's going on.

It starts off very focused on my cancer experiences with the diagnosis, surgeries, and doctors visits as filtered through characters I've been writing for more than five years now. As the story progresses and my real life begins stabilizing, it begins to separate into several subplots until I finally end it in a fit of self-doubt about the direction the story is heading.

It's an interesting, confusing, sometimes frustrating, humorous journey about life and surviving a minor brush with "The Big 'C.'"
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