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The Complete Innies and Outties for Thursday, December 10th, 2009 By Leonard M. Cachola

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Innies and Outties Book 1: It's All Mine and You Can't Have It!
The is the author's cut of the first Innies and Outties book "It's All Mine and You Can't Have It!" features the first appearances of Otis, Iris, Harold the vegetarian flesh-eating zombie, Bruise, and Gramma. Also includes a sketch gallery.
Last updated: Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
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Extra Pepperoni
Comic strip about the misadventures of a pizza delivery crew.
Last updated: Sunday, August 7th, 2005
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Innies and Outties Book 2: Phooey! Evil Gets All the Fun!
This is the author's cut of the second Innies and Outties book, "Phooey! Evil Gets All the Fun!," continues Otis' megalomaniacal ways, Iris' anti-Otis ways, and introduces Cassidy O'Dare, mad scientist Xanathea Xavier, and Eebo. Includes extras.
Last updated: Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
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Innies and Outties Book 3: Tell Me You're Not Like This Every Morning
This is the author's cut of the third Innies and Outties book and features happy-go-lucky Iris and mad scientist Xanathea Xavier's ornery robot dog Eebo. Iris wants a pet and she gets more than she bargained for in ornery robot dog Eebo.
Last updated: Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
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Leonard Cachola's Sketchbook
Excerpts from my sketchbook.
Last updated: Sunday, June 19th, 2005
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Innies and Outties Book 4: In Case of Zombie, Break Glass
Vegetarian zombie Harold gets cancer in this series of strips based on real-life events. This is the unedited first cut of this story.
Last updated: Friday, March 24th, 2006
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The Process Junkie
A series of random thoughts in an attempt at creating order out of the universe. Or something like that.
Last updated: Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
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Tell Me You're Not Like This Every Morning
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It's All Mine and You Can't Have It!
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Cachola is a cartoonist residing in Los Angeles and working as a studio artist. ... full profile


New readers start HERE. It's not the beginning, but a good starting point.

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3/30/2006 - On March 10, 2006, I quietly celebrated one year cancer-free! Book Three is now available through Amazon.com. I will be in San Francisco for the 2006 Alternative Press Expo at Table 239A on April 8th and April 9th, 2006. I will have books One, Two, and Three as well as the "Hand-Picked Favorites" digest.

7/11/2005 - I'm on a discussion panel! I'll be down at the San Diego Comic-Con this Thursday, July 14th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Room 3 to talk about the upcoming release of TopTwoThreeFilms' Adventures Into Digital Comics.

7/3/2005 - Innies and Outties is going to be in an art exhibit on cancer!

6/18/2005 - I had an X-Ray and blood test last Friday (June 10th) and am still cancer-free until my next round of tests in July.

5/18/2005 - Dear readers, on February 28th, I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my right testicle. On March 10, testicular cancer was confirmed with the removal of that testicle. I am currently under 'surveillance,' which involves frequent testing of my body for metastasis. Friday, I received an all-clear based on my PET/CT scan and blood tumor markers within the range of normal, which means I'm cancer-free until my next test in four weeks. To receive more comprehensive updates on my health status, please join the Innies and Outties mailing list. Please send all e-mails here

2/25/2005 - Check out Eric Agena's ode to printed and on-line comics by clicking on the graphic above. You'll be glad you did!

8/28/2004 - After being down for seven days, www.inniesandoutties.com is back up and running and now redirects traffic to this page.

7/26/2004 - I'm back from the Comic-Con! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the nice.purrsia.com table as well as my table-mates for making this year's Con so much fun: Terrence and Isabel Marks, Thomas and Tamara Deeny, and Mark Mekkes. Thanks also go to Cartoon Militia for just being all-around cool table neighbors. Also, special thanks to Sara Hanley for providing great company and support during the off Con hours. I have SOLD OUT of all copies of the PageFree Publishing edition of Book One, though you can still get copies through on-line retailers such as Amazon.com.

6/12/2004 - Changed the design of the FAQ page. Also added graphic links at the bottom of the FAQ page.

3/11/2004 - Innies and Outties Book Two is available for sale at Booksurge and Amazon.com!

11/23/2003 - The FAQ page has been updated. Also, fixed all the links to the Extra Pepperoni archive and the "How I do Innies and Outties" sections.

8/21/2003 - While at the Comic-Con, I interviewed for "Adventures Into Digital Comics" a documentary film on digital comics being made by Sebastien Dumesnil over at Top Two Three Films. Included are interviews and bios with many on-line cartoonists. Check it out!

7/21/2003 - Back from the Comic-Con. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table - especially those who had nice comments about the strip and book - that means a lot to me! Special thanks to my table neighbors - Chuck Whelon, Indigo Kelleigh, and Dirk Tiede (and Steph) from Modern Tales; Pants Press; Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum of Unshelved; Shaenon Garrity of Narbonic at the Girlamatic table - as well as Christa Percival for helping out at my table and my host Natalie Masson for helping make my first Comic-Con table a memorable and fun experience.

2/23/2002 - LA-based comic book shops stocking the first Innies and Outties book: Meltdown Comics in West Hollywood and Golden Apple in Hollywood.

2/12/2002 - FINALLY! A webzine about webcomics and only webcomics: Comixpedia

- leonard

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