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Actually I'm hoping you'll find out a bit more about me in the graphic short stories, I don't want to bore you to tears with long stories without pictures here. Just a few bare facts then:

- female

- born in 1976 in the south of Germany

- Abitur (German A-levels) in English, Art, History and Chemistry

- Master's degree and 1st and 2nd German State Exam (degree level) in German and English, qualifying me to work as a teacher in secondary schools, including teaching at A-level standard

After 5 years of teaching I suffered a mental breakdown, severe depression and phobia followed.

Now I am on a temporary annuity since I can't work.

My boyfriend has been and is a great support in getting better, I hope I can make a few more steps soon.

Art has always been important to me as a medium of self-expression. Although I've considered studying art or design after I left school, I decided against it. Now my illness has made me rediscover art as a source of strength and one of the few ways to occupy my time that don't tire me out too much.

Thanks for reading :)