Everyone Loves the Lizardman

by Lee Slattery

Updated weekly
Previously ...
on "Everyone loves the Lizard man", Rodney Pink quietly wondered why he isn't as popular as the Lizard man and asked Jasmin Coles out, only to be rejected. After a failed attempt to rid themselves of the Lizard man, Rodney was blown of the space ship leaving Jimmy James alone. We learned that Jimmy was actual the one seeing Jasmin Coles and the guilt of Rodney's disappearance lead to Jimmy and Jasmine drifting apart. The Lizard man then told the tail of his chequered shirt past and now in the sense shattering conclusion..............."This is Biff Loman".
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In space no one can see you're green.
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Lee's an aligator, he's a space invader, he's a momma pappa comin' for you. He's prepared to be a rock n roll n bitch for you. Lee's work has been printed in Eddie Campbell's Bacchus and the anthology comic DeeVee. ... full profile