First and Third week of each Month
A few days late sorry. bottom panel took longer to color than I thought.

Whoo hoo start of a new month. Sorry Im a day late but been busy and the last two where rewrites from my original script. Decided I tried to put too much dialogue into one so I split it into two installments.  Gee I wonder where this is leading to? the Third Berk or something else. 

One Done Early for once... getting easier... now gotta get the art more consistant.  I love this idea of the misunderstood performer.  Ard can't just get up there and play an instrument and sing and tell stories no he has to get up there and juggle.  Usually knives, but im thinking maybe spoons or forks instead.. we'll see...
This was supposed to be the first appearance of the third berk.. for flow and story telling reasons I decided for him not to show up in this strip.  When I removed his panels I liked the look of the comic better. So azure will have to wait just a bit longer.
This was a tough one for me. I actually changed several of my processes, and ending up drawing 3 previuos versions of this strip before settling on this one. Im happy with the end results even though I didn't add any textures.  If the color looks different it should.  Instead of sticking to web rbg values, I worked it as close as I could to printable cmyk values.  Mostly as an experiment.  I expect the visuals to change in time with this series as I try to lock down what I want while meeting each weekly deadline... for those who are counting this is the end of the 2nd month of berks and the 8th strip. Im suprise Im still doing it as well.

Yes I know both songs are mixed up.  Firstly Aardes isn't a great singer, he sings out of key and mixes up lyrics,  which is kinda how I really sing.  As for Azure his references, unless i make a mistake later, should be out of order or mixed up.  He's not unitelligent per say, just his go go attitude leaves little room for self correction.  Every issue continues to challenge me, but that is why im doing this.  Get these stories out of my head finally and practice story telling.  Tune in next week for, Aardes and the Real Girl or Shoot out at the Anywhere Saloon. 


Sorry little late on this one been busy with dante and randall.  hehe and not what you think.  Actually the contract took a little bit of thought, but finally got something somewhat interesting.  Rest of dialogue is crap no news there... see ya next week with How many ways does Araderre Suck, let us count em.
This idea has been in my head for a while, I figured Id use it some week when I didn't have time to draw a comic.  Well that happened to be this week with the dogs and all.  So hopefully we'll see the next installment next week.  But I thought this was funny way to do a delayed strip.
Finally here we go again.. Don't expect next one by next monday but we will see.
Well 13 is finally up sorry for slow posting time. I am really not used to editing on a laptop and should really either buy me a new computer or at very least an optical mouse. Next berks will be posted as I can will be slow for the forseeable future.
Issue 14 finally. prolly 3 months for 15 the way things are going.

Ok sorry took so long. But now 1st and 3rd monday of every month is update.  I tried a simple cell shading to try and save time. im not 100% happy with results so will try something else next time.

Reworked it for the few people who saw the original sorry. wasn't happy with it. to direct for maz. here is the fix.

Still trying to find a consistant look that I like bare with me.

Number 17 using sumo paint. so will look a little different. as I continue to explore what I want the strip to look like.

Number 19. 1 more for the adventure begins Number 20 in two weeks. and it will answer no questions but pose no new ones either Muhahahahahahahahaha.

Last episode of the Adventure Begins. Number 20. Double Page Spread. Need I say more. In two weeks Berks will start to change. Villains will be uncovered and maybe Ill finally start Grunt and Dwarxie side project.

Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says: Cool comic so far. I'm not looking forward to seeing the 3rd berk based on what I've seen/heard, but I do dig this web comic even after only 2 installments. Keep 'em coming!
Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says: Awesome strip this week. The message board is genius! Keep em coming.
Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says: Sorry, i know this is of little consequence, but that bar wench has a superb hiney! Great job overall, but you drew/shaded a bodacious back-end! Can't wait for month #3.
Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says: Darian was here....classic! Also, nice lighting effect on the candles at the table. I got the Thurogood referance, but dont know Ardy's songs. Keep 'em coming!
Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says: Also, i think i'm the only one who comments, but I figure you'd enjoy knowing that you have a loyal fanbase....hehe
Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says: Viva Berks!
Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says:

Are the berks dead?

Lee Voss (leevoss) says: The berks are not dead. They are getting a facelift.  Im reworking the site and format options its taking a while due to my limited time but it was planned that I would do this after 3 months if I could keep with it then things got busy.  Be Brave, Be Lucky, Be Berks.  3Breks returning sooner than BSG.
Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says: BSG will be here in a month or so....
Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says: Maybe the Berks are on vacation? Or maybe they are caught up in a vicious fantasy football league battle? Or maybe they all drank too much fey wine. Who knows?
Lee Voss (leevoss) says:

well I guess not sooner than BSG. but I am getting close now.. my drawing space got turned into a junk room so it is taking a bit to get to the drawing table. hopefully sometime in april the Berks will return.

Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says:

I hope you are not working on an ending in which Az and an Orc have a baby that will unite the two races and become the progenitor of the modern human race. Some "in-head Sixes" would be a welcome addition to the cast though.

Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says:

Hooray for boobies! Somebody needs a new computer though, or poor Uncle Ardy might suffocate. 


Viva Berks! 

Jeffro Keller (rem2525) says:

Viva Berks!

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