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Chapter 2: Into Hell. Finally the first of a new chapter. Ive set the format on its side for one reason and one reason only. They are in Hell and I want the pages to convey that. Starting to get coloring were I like it. So enjoy it. I sure did.



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Second installment. Still having a blast with this chapter. I cannot wait to get to the action. But there is some more back story and foreshadowing to do first. Its only a 24 page chapter so its kinda wham bam thank you Mr Demon Man. But I want to keep this story moving through many planes.



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Yes, finally we get to take a look at Riljek.  Exactly how many players are in this game? Why is the cleric raised by dwarves not have a beard?  How many illegitimate kids does Ard have?  These questions and more to be asked later.


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Ryan here was originally just meant to be random guard chief #1 used only in a couple issues but I like drawing him well enough he made it into the story.  The Berks are still walking is a great reference to all those campaigns were you seem to walk and walk and walk and nothing seems to happen.

On a technical note still playing with the look. Different font, different style word balloons, and still tinkering with coloring styles.  Can't seem to find what I like that can be done expediently for a hobby web comic.

Till next time.



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Number 25! Holy cow still at it and still having fun.  Tried something new with the colors and the art is starting to migrate already. The next one is more in line with how I'm currently drawing berks.  I'm Penciling about 5 ahead of the story.

Keep Working for those Baalors and Pit Fiends
and I'll See ya in two weeks.


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Not how this happened at all.  In the original campaign he got caught using his cat as a prop for a pick pocketing routine and the mark was quite mad and snapped the cats neck.  It is an important defining moment in the maz character so I re-worked it.  This issue + next 2 all about maz. Sit Back, Enjoy, and watch maz release his furry on hell.

See ya in two weeks.

going to be updating this site to look more like mirror site soon

Had a fun time creating this one.  Been done for a while forgot to post it to server so it is a day late. We'll blame the holiday weekend. See ya in two weeks.



Sorry for the lateness. No real reason for it either. It has been finished for a few weeks now. I have just been sidetracked. Get next one up soon and hopefully be back on schedule by November.

Well finally remembered to post. see a typo, how embarrasing. maybe I'll find time to fix it this week. next one soon.

Finally 1 month later here it is. sorry for delay DCUO beta and CoH going rogue Hijacked me then I got some new editing hardware. hopefully with the new year Berks issues will be less infrequent.


Here we go, I'm back and this is the rise of Ryan. pretty self explanatory, after a few episodes in I decided that I was going to keep Ryan around for a long time. But he is going to be a Free willed, mostly intelligent zombie. See ya soon with Ish 32.


Love the colors on this page. Mood, direction, reflection. lots of fun with tablet.  33 coming soon.

Sorry this one took so long have had a lot on my plate lately gonna try and be somewhat regular with posti ng. may only be one a month for a while. Till then Enjoy.


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