Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion

Naoko Muragama

Naoko Muragama is 22 years old and plays video games as her profession. She is considered one of the five best players in the known world, having won top honors in several major video game tournaments including the International Gamer's conference, the Bud Chapman Memorial championships, and the ExXXXxtreeme Bowl just to name a few.

While her peers respect Naoko's skill at gaming, she is not well liked due to what might be construed as her lack of sportsmanship. Naoko has been known to, among other things, point and laugh at opponents after matches, play while not looking at the screen, and improvise unflattering songs about her opponents as she plays. The by-product of a personality that some would call abrasive, Naoko also isn't shy about the trash talk, she has enraged more than one opponent to the point of physical violence.

Naoko is a member of Team Muragama, a professional gaming team on which she serves as captain. Back to the Cast Page
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