Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion

Lauren Chambers

Lauren Chambers is Naoko's business manager and friend. She has a great deal of energy and ambition and she channels it into her work with a vigor and fury that is sometimes frightening to behold. Though she has only been working in the field of publicity and management for a short amount of time she has managed to make an impressive amount of contacts in the industry.

Her ambition can be a source of frustration for Naoko, who relies upon Lauren to line up gaming tournaments and events. Lauren will often decide to commit Naoko for non-gaming related activites that she believes will make Naoko better known to people outside the world of gaming. A cereal commercial and a near-nude pictorial in "HIS" magazine were two results of such projects.

While Lauren is not as skilled as Naoko, she is a recognised gamer in her own right. She is a member of Team Muragama specializing in strategy and puzzle games. Back to the Cast Page
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