Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion

Daisuke Radcliffe

Daisuke is what certain songstresses from the 80's might call a "smooth operator". He has a near supernatural ability to talk people into giving him what he wants, be that money, sex, or the keys to the space shuttle. Incredibly resourceful, Daisuke is able to improvise his way into and out of potentially dangerous situations with the ease of a young MacGuyver.

He also has a liking for the ladies, and has been involved in several torrid affairs, including one that nearly broke up the popular girl band "Pretty Machine".

Naoko has also been known to confide in Daisuke now and again. They have an amiable relationship that has remained platonic as far as anyone knows.

Daisuke is a member of Team Muragama, specializing in Beat 'em ups and First Person Shooters. Back to the Cast Page
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