Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion

Trina Stonecastle

Trina Stonecastle is one of Naoko's contemporaries on the gaming circuit and sees herself as Muragama's main rival. A formidable presence on the professional gaming scene, Trina is known for an aggressive play style that borders on animalistic. Stonecastle earned the tournament record for the shortest two-round win by knockout in a fight game when she defeated Ming Na Shu in the Fantazm version of "Star Shiv".

Trina Stonecastle is nothing if not a controversial figure in the world of gaming, her peers often accuse her of lacking finesse and using button mashing tactics to secure cheap wins in tournament play. Accusations have also been made that Trina Stonecastle routinely cheats in higher profile matches. One such incident was her win against Naoko Muragama, which shattered her three year undefeated record at the Funland Go-Kart Emporium and Game Center Ladies invitational.

After the match, a three-round head to head contest in Crimson Blade for the Angelpod console which Muragama lost five decapitations to 4, it was discovered that Trina had a custom-made mod chip on her person. Despite Naoko's strenuous objections, the decision was upheld by judges because the chip was not installed in the Angel Pod console that Trina was using. It was discovered later that the same machine did show signs of tampering and had briefly gone missing earlier in the afternoon. Naoko had demanded a full investigation, but by that time the owner of Funland had already gone home and was thoroughly engrossed in a new episode of "Crime Doctors".

Trina Stonecastle has a short temper and is given to bouts of furious anger with little or no provocation. While her actual gaming skill is quite considerable, her easily fired rage has often proven to be her downfall and seems to be keeping her out of the upper echelons of gaming. Trina's explanation, however, is that she is being held back in favour of Naoko because Naoko dresses like a hooter's waitress. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

Trina considers herself a hardcore gamer and seems to care very little about her outward appearance, favouring sweatpants and a loose fitting hoodie tops, her hair is loose, seldom combed, and often has cowlicks. Back to the Cast Page
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