Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion

Mashi Komine

Mashi Komine is a small-time gamer who lives in the same city as Naoko and has crossed paths with her on several occasions, none of which she remembers due to their lack of impact on her life. Mashi is the son of wealthy retail magnate Kenta Komine who owns a chain of popular "Ken's" department stores around the world as well as other interests. Mashi is somewhat given to delusion and thinks that his gaming skills are far in excess of what they actually are. This has caused him to challenge Naoko, the reigning champion in his local area, for gaming supremacy which has always gone badly for him.

He has been undeterred by these early setbacks and, due to an obsessive personality and vast amounts of leisure time, has devoted himself to the total defeat of Naoko Muragama.

Mashi is keenly interested in style and is always seen dressed whatever the latest fashions for men happen to be at the time. He can be hotheaded and impatient and is unafraid to express his opinion in the loudest way possible. Mashi is currently dating Takako Sakurai, who seems to have a patience for his outbursts that borders on saintlike. Back to the Cast Page
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