Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion

Takako Sakurai

Takako Sakurai has been friends with Naoko since a mutual love of *NSYNC and tube tops brought them together in high school. Although they stopped hanging out together regularly when Naoko started to get into video games (a topic Takako could care less about) they still stay in touch and do go out drinking together from time to time.

Although she dresses like she lives in a trailer park, Takako's family is actually very wealthy, the kind of wealth that dates back so far that it doesn't seem to have a source and is merely a monetary force of nature. Her parents dote on her and she doesn't want for anything. Most would be spoiled by such luxury but Takako has an upbeat, friendly demeanour and is generally kind and generous to those around her.

Takako has had many loves in her life, and is currently dating Mashi Komine, the other rich kid in town. Their relationship is stormy at times, with Mashi providing much of the strife. Friends are baffled as to what Takako could possibly see in the guy, and the general consensus is that he must have a huge one. Back to the Cast Page
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