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Kyle Maitland

Kyle Maitland is a popular internet celebrity best known for his video game review blog "Games of Death". His reviews are well loved because of their brutal honesty and their scathing, often obscene sense of humour. Kyle, like many internet success stories, started writing from his parent's basement. His first brush with notoriety came when Branco, a game publishing company sent him a cease and desist order demanding that he remove his review of "Enigmopolis" which referred to the point and click game as being "almost pornographically boring". Maitland published the letter as well as the ensuing correspondence on his blog and the result was fodder for email inboxes for months afterwards.

Because of his iconoclastic punk-rebel attitude and carefully groomed metrosexual good looks, Kyle Maitland enjoys a kind of rock star status in internet circles. It is a status of which he is not above taking advantage. Kyle Maitland parties in exactly three ways: Constantly, Hard, and All The Time.

Currently Kyle Maitland is preparing to host "OMG TV", a game review show. Back to the Cast Page
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