Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion

...and on that note Naoko Muragama Video Game Champion finishes its run the way it began: With blatant, pandering fanservice. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to read this thing, and especially those who took time to post something in the forum, and extra especially to that one guy (Richard Karandosh) who sent me that fanart that time.

 I'd also like to thank William G for his support through the years, the filler art and moral support and whatnot, I probably never would have finished without his help.

Despite my grumblings, making this comic was a fun experience overall and I'm glad I saw it through to the end. Stupid as it sounds, this story was something I felt I had to finish. Part of it might have been just an obsessive compulsive need to complete what I started, but it was also to keep it from rattling around in my head any longer. I think everyone has had one of those ideas so insistent that they had to get them out of their head before they drove them insane: This was one of mine. And now that that particular rattling has been silenced, it's time to get to the next rattle.

 Since you asked, the very next thing I'm working on is doing the art for a comic written by the aforementioned Mr. G. I've been assured that it will be both finite and short, which is what I'm looking for in a comic project right now. I'm a little burned out on the medium to be honest, and I think I need a break. Maybe go in a different direction, like making cement fish or something.

Beyond that, I honestly don't know what I'll do. And I'm feeling pretty good about that.

I'll be leaving both this site and Pimp Ass Mandroid up for a little while longer until I figure what I want to do with them. There might be a redesign in their future, there might be just scorched earth and sweet oblivion.

Thanks again, everybody.

matthew bryan (talshadar) says: thanks for a great comic, your work will be missed.
Years Supply (legmuscle) says: Thanks. But don't worry, I'll still be around. Just not doing this particular comic. :)
Ryan Bamford (emryskael) says:

Enjoyed the art, the story, and the characters!  Agree with talshadar, the end of the story for these characters will be missed!

Jonathan Holland (jon71) says: I loved it too. I hope it stays online and maybe occasionally a small chapter or bonus could be added.
Years Supply (legmuscle) says:

 Ryan: Thanks!

Jonathan: It's certainly not out of the question that somewhere down the road I could do a short form Naoko story. I'll probably leave the WCN site up since it's easy to maintain. PAM might be due for an overhaul.

Jonathan Holland (jon71) says: That's good to hear. Thanks.
Charles Lee (atomicsnarl) says:

I hope it stays up, and would be glad to see more...   I had the pleasure of following it almost from the beginning, and learned a lot about structure and coloring.  Maybe someday I can do so well... 

Good luck with whatever your next project may be!

Years Supply (legmuscle) says:

Most likely it's gonna stay up. Thanks for toughing it out through all those filler pages and long lapses between updates. :)

Ryan Bamford (emryskael) says: That's what fans do.  And we're damn good fans (if I do say so myself).
Years Supply (legmuscle) says: Can't argue that. :)
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