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Dumb Polacks can't hold their whiskey
Even Christ fell three times. And he had superpowers.
And just what is a fall, really, if not an opportunity for epic redemption!
The point I'm obviously driving at here is... Chicago:1968 is back!
I'd be absolutely flattered if you noticed that Tony and I took an unexpected hiatus from the webcomic back at the beginning of the Fall. (Hmmm... "beginning of the Fall." Didn't even mean to do that but I couldn't have put it better if I tried.)
Seems misfortune befell both Tony and me in roughly the same span of months, which is an awfully efficient, and suspicious, way for misfortune to conduct its business.
Did cosmic forces indeed conspire to take Chicago:1968 "off the air."
Perhaps other webcomic writer/artist teams should be wary?
Gird your loins, Carbonneau!
And the rest of you, reading this now, after you've caught up on your Chicago:1968, I'd go check out some great webcomics by fellow writer and fellow traveler, R.S.Carbonneau - The Marvel: A Biography of Jack Parsons and Zoroaster In Aethiopia - before reptilian aliens from the next dimension turn our beloved Internet into the Library of Alexandria, and our high civilization into just another mythical lost continent in the coming dark age.
Besides, The Marvel will be seeing print in the new year via Cellar Door Publishing, so, at the very least, read it now for free online before you'll have to buy it at your local comics retailer and read it the old fashioned way.  Of course, the old fashioned way still works best.  And interdimensional reptilian alchemist hackers can't touch our paper and ink comic books.  Not when we've protected them with bags and boards!   
I held off announcing Chicago:1968's triumphant return for a couple of weeks because I wanted to build up a bit of momentum first.  Tony and I have been quietly uploading new pages over at the strip's second home on the Image/Shawdowline site since last month.  We just had to shake off a few tweety birds before climbing back into the ring for round 2, is all.
PAGE SIXTY and PAGE SIXTY-ONE went up at the end of November, after the Fall, but before we were quite ready to engage the reptiles in hand-to-hand combat.
If you're inclined to be skeptical of reptilian agendas and grand conspiracies (as well you should!), how about we just suffice it to say that your favorite creative duo forgot to bring their umbrellas when a sudden shit storm hit; a downpour.
But we dealt with it, and now we're back.
And glad to be back, too.  We hope our old friends and readers will hop back aboard for the final 1/3rd of our historical epic about a time in our society when passions boiled and the tension was so palpable that the only way to understand it today would be to turn on your TV, right now, flip to a cable news station, and watch it all unfold again in high definition.

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