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Lily Bell
Lily Is and elf from the elven capital of Estrel in the forest of Celestia, one of the most well known "Fairy Forests" Lily only wants to go home to Estrel, or so it appears... ... more
Kichi (K-eye-ch-ee)is a member of the Imp people but was raised by orcs of the kingdom of Druum (dr-oo-m)Kichi is constantly refered to as either a "he" or a "she" because of Kichi's scrawny body but bad additude... ... more
Hiku Neko
Hiku (H-EE-Koo) is a member of the beast race that populate much of the Faeries Bible world, coming in the most shapes and sizes than the other races, ranking up there with Demons and Monsters. Hiku is a cat beaste who was born in Obu and raised by the B ... more
Hoshi Sol
Hoshi (Ho-SHEE) is a young Satyr that lives in the Beast temple in Gocken under Beast Lord Witold. Altho Witold is ... more
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