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Kichi (K-eye-ch-ee)is a member of the Imp people but was raised by orcs of the kingdom of Druum (dr-oo-m)Kichi is constantly refered to as either a "he" or a "she" because of Kichi's scrawny body but bad additude. Kichi's gender is of no importance to s/he so often never corrects someone. Kichi is a chronic gambler and loses more often than wins. Kichi enjoys some form of music, especially demon music due to Imps being created by demons. Kichi's weapon of choice is a hammer which Kichi oddly named "Gershon" though refuses to say why. Also Kichi is Bi-lingual, speaking both the Fey language and the Demona Language. Kichi's Favorite color is blue. Kichi Likes staying home, but when on the road, often has to have a traveling cohort... can anyone guess why? Back to the Cast Page
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