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Hiku Neko

Hiku (H-EE-Koo) is a member of the beast race that populate much of the Faeries Bible world, coming in the most shapes and sizes than the other races, ranking up there with Demons and Monsters. Hiku is a cat beaste who was born in Obu and raised by the Beaste lord, Witold, in the beaste temple in Glockon. Hiku is a feisty character and Hiku usually attempts to act older than she is. She likes to be the ones the others turn to for clarification, due to the fact that Lily, the info dump specialist, doesn't always go into simple enough terminology for the young Hoshi and simple minded Kichi. She can alter her bodies physical apearance, agewise, at the yank of a hair, which is a special trait, even among beastes. In her young form, She can be very bossy, but in a more mature form, she's more willing to please and is more patient.
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