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Hoshi Sol

Hoshi (Ho-SHEE) is a young Satyr that lives in the Beast temple in Glocken under Beast Lord Witold. Although Witold is the master, Hoshi pays more love to the princess, Mythril, who has raised him like a mother. Hoshi is the youngest of the group also he has the biggest heart, the unfortunate thing is that heart brings him to tears over little things, which get's him teased by Kichi and Hiku. So he is usually found with Lily, who's older age makes her more patient with him. Hoshi is a budding musician and always carries an ocarina that Lord Witold gave him. His favorite color is red and he also has a deep rooted love of the "Kuma-ko the Killer Bear" cartoon, he tries to catch new episodes every saterday mornings on the Viewing Crystals. Back to the Cast Page
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