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This cover art has been brought to you by Lily Bell

hehe... the tubby hubby mayor guy has a jellybean shaped head :P

Nothing to say here.... move along :D

Still nothing to say except I tryed a new screen toning method

Go to www.freewebs.com/geoterrastudios to keep up with any important info!

Sorry for the late update ^.^'  I was up all night yesterday playing World of Warcraft.....

I updated early this week because I was sad D:

Sorry about the very late update...

It was my sister's birthday and it kind of just blew over my head. ^^'

if your interested,I changed the main page a little and I've update the Geo~Terra Studios Site a bit... including a button.

Goto Geo~Terra Studios Home

Yeah yeah... late updates.  I stubbed my toe.

This is a greyscale version of page 108.  It was orriginally in color tones, but  sadly that made it too big for Webcomicsnation.

A colored version of it can be seen at http://kichimiangra.deviantart.com/art/FB-Pg-107-108-103074840

in a double page format with page 107.

Oh... another thing.  How do you like the new G~T Studios WCN Hompage buttons?

goto Geo~Terra Studios WCN 


Would you look at that!  I updated EARLY in the day instead of
almost tomorrow!

Have a Happy Turkey day Everybuddy!!!!! ☺☺☺

HA! Updated REALLY early this week >:D  Quite literalt midnight: 01

Yeah yeah.  I'm a little ray of sunshine.

The strong man there is actually a character recycled from a story I made a LONG time ago... I think I was 11 when I made it.  If you even care about my old life, I'll be nice and tell you his name.  Argress.

Sorry for the late update.  I was all weekend playing World of Warcraft.  Also I realized That I never actually updated my Faeries Bible 100th updat thing .  That will be promptly placed up.

K, I got some news, so when you have the time, please mozy on over to www.freewebs.com/geoterrastudios to read.  Have a happy holiday.

Sorry it took so long to get this up, I thought I was getting a Skin tone marker set but didn't.  This is announcing that I'm on vacation until January 23 2009.  This is my first actual Hiatus since starting weekly updates.  I think that means I'm doing pretty well.

As a thankyou for being patient, I updated TWICE!

Me Hiatus is over. Thank you for being so patient.


It's sunday so my update is technically not late.
I intended to update on saturday but something was wrong with my puppy.

Nothing to say here

Remeber, love is not the icky tasting chalky hearts.
It's the person HOLDING the icky tasting chalky hearts.

Happy valentinesday

YAY!  Chapter 6 is OVER!  YAAAY!

BTW  Iilatia is gonna have a semi preveiw sometime soon
so look out for it!

Nothing to say today

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