Faeries Bible

Updates By Chapter sparatically.

WAH NA NA!!!! 
Chapter art for chapter 7!

Unlike the usual...I made this one.

Well, I'm not sure if I made a mistake or not, so I guess that if I did you guys benefit.... Extra update!

Aaah, That darkness panel in the middle looks nice. ^^

Aaaw smosh :D

Happy easter peoples

Last Panel is my Favorite :D

I proportioned red death wrong on this page :/

And now things are falling together :D


I mastered the SCRATCH EFFECT!

Early update this week!  YAY!

Sunday update

I apologize for the late-ish update... I had a bad weekend

My finals where this week so I didn't realize I forgot to update XP

I hope THIS is and okay apology

Man I must be losing my Skill and reliability D:

Another update missed?  I'm soooo sorry.  T'was my birthday AND fathersday this weekend :x

Argh!  I can never seem to get these updated on time >.<

HA!  I bet you thought I wasn't gonna update on time >:D

Sorry it's a little late...  my computer was down for 3 days
I'd been doing water colors in art class when I made this page.  I wanted to replicate it but din't do as well as I wanted.
If your wondering why in panel 5 Piper is wearing his shirt collar down and no green vest, you'll see in the next chapter
And continuing my tradition, another page in color.  the last colored page of the chapter will be next weeks page!
Once upon a late night, I updated
I'll be having a short announcement to make soon
DANGEROUSLY running outa pages
The next few updates will be a bit rocky
updated on time this time -.-
Just 2 more updates to end the chapter!  Yayz0rs
Edit:  Few pages in these chapters are screwed up ...  Fixing
Don'tfeel like saying anything -.-
I can't belive I screwed this up!  A whole page was MISSING!  And it took me over a year to see that!
A double post today :)
Well Now this makes for the end to the longest current chapter of Faeries Bible, Spanning at 30 pages.
the next chapter will be shorter to compensate.
Now I shall Announce to You all:
Faeries Bible is going on a short Hiatus (short as in not forever but I dun't know when I'll be back).  Why you ask?  Simple to Explain Watson :)
I agreed with my little sister  that we would try a collaboratory comic (Iilatia) released in chapters as Faeries Bible was when it Started.  We agreed on this over a year ago.  This story was written by her and Illustrated by myself. If the chapter was as Short as Faeries Bible chapters then it'd be done by now, but that is not the case.  At best I am halfway done.  I really want to finish it so I don't feel like it's not gonna happen.  The chapter/ Issue looks like it might be about 50 pages or so @_@ 
Along side Iilatia I have a few Faeries Bible things I'm working on. and before updating again I'd like to get a good Buffer of comic pages.  This All means I bit off more than I can Chew ^.^ but oh well, I'm not some big corporation so I make my own Deadlines :)
See you All when I see you :)
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