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nothing. absolutely nothing. lots of weird just not here. nothing here. so now enjoy the weird. you're welcome.
Local Weirdos: by the weirdos, about the weirdos, for the weirdos. Fish Food will NOT make you hungry, unless you are weird, like the rest of us.

Welcome to the weird. I'm a late comics starter and haven't a clue. Let's get that out of the way right off the bat. But I think I'm funny and so now I get to torture others. Which I might add I have been looking forward to and haven't had the tools for. Funny (HAHAHA) how it ends up to be a web comic, I expected more leather. So I hope you enjoy LOCAL WEIRDOS, the weirdos around my place do, which may just be a local phenomenon, but let's hope not. For your sake at least. Well, read on comic junkies! I'm here for ya! Laugh Forest, laugh!


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