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Well, only one comic is here and all you get for visiting is this self-serving bio. Thank you for coming, let me say I am surprised (and delighted!) to see you here. The other comics will be funny... too..., I swear. Yes I swear, picked it up as a bad habit in high school and just can't shake it. Well, I watch my mouth around kids; unless they swear at me first. Anyway, glad to see ya' and please come back soon. I'm just figuring this wonderful process out and will have more soon. Got a whole cast of weirdos that strangely resemble my life with some smart ass, incompitant, sometimes perverted superheroes to boot. So as our local weirdos say,

"Sell your mother-in-law on Ebay! I did!"

See you soon!

J.L. Sweet 

p.s. check this out! yeah it's me too.