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  Well folks, Andrew here trying out another web comic. Expect to see several changes to the layout as I try to get a hang on this new comic system. Why Webcomic Nation? Because I’m going to try something different. Plus I’m up to something. I’m sneaky like that.

So, now what is this comic about? Fish. All different kinds of living together in a giant aquarium. You see, a well kept aquarium can practically be a utopia for the fish inside. The place is clean, food is provided, and the place full of all the décor you could need. However, what if said aquarium started changing and everyone inside started acting a little … familiar? This is the point of the comic, to see different worlds and ones not so different.

Check it out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a new comic. The art is quite different then my other comic, Phil Likes Tacos, with a different agenda as well.

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