Updates when I get them done.(Twice a week if I'm lucky.)

The ship is an A.I. and acts as the fourth crew member.

20,000 years in the future, coffee and doughnuts are still around. However - it's really anyone's guess what they really taste like...

Decel means to decelerate - to drop out of ether space into "normal" space time.

The Planet Mawgarr is where Arkenstrom and company have been hanging out for the last 1200 years. It's roughly the size of Mars with slightly less gravity.

The big blue planet it orbits is a fuel reserve for Mawgarr's needs.

If you look closely you might see a tiny moon zipping along. That's Arkenstrom's main industrial complex.

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An anthropomorphic parody Inspired by Alex Ramond's "Flash Gordon" with some "Warlord of Mars" by Edgar Riceburroughs. And a dash of "Forbidden Planet along with my own ideas as well.
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