Updates when I get them done.(Twice a week if I'm lucky.)

The throne room of Lord Arkenstrom. Big, dark, and creepy...Arkenstrom hates it.

The "ruthless Emperor" bit was fun for about 500 years or so, but he was bored to the bone with it. Only his love for his daughter kept him going.

Until now. Now he finally had some tourists to play with, and he was going to show them the best time of their lives...if he could just keep from killing them in the process!

Dropping out of ether space is always dangerous because you're totally deaf, dumb, and blind.

It's the optimum moment to attack a space faring ship.

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An anthropomorphic parody Inspired by Alex Ramond's "Flash Gordon" with some "Warlord of Mars" by Edgar Riceburroughs. And a dash of "Forbidden Planet along with my own ideas as well.
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